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      Zoetic Forms

Zoetic Forms

It’s been an interesting ride working on this series. The pieces clicked together fast whilst exploring my own curiosity about my admiration for Henri Matisse’s organic shaped cut-outs. The process of understanding the attraction behind led me to a memory of an intuitive doodling practice I used to do when I was young.⁣

Zoetic Forms is a combination of Matisse’s organic shapes concept and reversing my own little way of doodling nature based shapes/forms – presented in a more defined way instead of discovering forms from a mindless doodle. ⁣

Some of the pieces from this series contain a story related to living (zoetic) not just in the literal sense of being alive but rather the act of living. ⁣

With every series that I work on, I grow a little more, learn and unlearn so much – even things that go beyond my art practice. Eternally grateful for having this luxury of being able to create art to my heart’s content.⁣

Commissions based on this series are welcomed.

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